The Girl with Dragon Tatoo!

OK, OK – perhaps I was the last person to read this. There is something annoying about jumping on the band wagon. But I must say now that I have finished Stief Larsson’s trilogy, I am a happy reader. Elizabeth Salendar is a fantastic character.  Larsson’s intrigue and mystery surrounding her life and thoughts keep you memorized through almost all of the trilogy. Only the last book drags a bit here and there. This is primarily because Elizabeth is locked up and unable to do much.

Al in all, this is a five-star book – too bad, Larsson’s untimely death will keep us from ever know exactly what he had in mind for this cyber heroine!

More news soon!


About Dana Carmichael

Dana has a professional interest in Authentic Intellectual Work. This means focusing on improving intellectual quality in the classroom and increasing student engagement. By day, she does this work with a passion. By night, she is a thematic reader, examining a random essential question for the year through fiction, nonfiction, film and general random conversations.
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3 Responses to The Girl with Dragon Tatoo!

  1. bogdanilam says:

    did u see the movie ? (swedish version for now)

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