2011 Suggestions – “What is honor? How do you get it; how do you keep it?”

Usually, I don’t split my year between themes, but quite honestly, I just couldn’t do the recommended reading.  It was fun for a while, but the biggest lesson I learned about myself as a reader is that I think of the world in terms of questions.

As it turned out someone (can’t recall who) recommended a book that lead me to this very interesting question: “What is honor? How do you get it; how do you keep it?”

I ventured first into the question through fantasy fiction, slogging my way through all five of George R. Martin’s books in his series, A Song of Fire and Ice.  Most people know this vaguely through the hit HBO series, A game of Thrones, based on his first book in the series (of the same name).

I found these books excellent, but was very annoyed when I expected all the threads to be tied up neatly in the 2011 A Dance with Dragons, only to realize that he was far from through.  I’ve invested too many hours to go without reading to the end, but I’m quite happy to take a break for a year or two!

Next, I read Adventures of Huckleberry Finn.  Why not – Felt like a great way to explore honor and I had had enough with dragons and knights! It was delightful.

I also read Anything you Want, by Derek Sivers. Sounds strange, but this book really explores making money with honor. I liked it a lot and may be contacting him…can’t wait to chat it up with him.

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