Fall of Giants, by Ken Follett

Last month I had the good fortune of being given a galley copy of Follett’s latest book, Fall of Giants. It will be available in stores on September 28, 2010.  What a delight – 987 pages about five main characters from different western countries at the turn of last century.  What I liked best was seeing the interconnectedness between the social, political, and geographic  histories – individual and national – as World War I came and went. I would especially recommend it to high school upper classman trying to keep all of the various social moments straight in the early 20th Century.

My only regret is that I will have to wait years before I get to read book II and III since Fall of Giants is the first in the Trilogy.

About Dana Carmichael

Dana has a professional interest in Authentic Intellectual Work. This means focusing on improving intellectual quality in the classroom and increasing student engagement. By day, she does this work with a passion. By night, she is a thematic reader, examining a random essential question for the year through fiction, nonfiction, film and general random conversations.
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