Princess Mononoke and Ideas About Change

If you have ever seen the movie Princess Mononoke, you’ve been among the lucky. It is compelling anime by Hiyao Mizaki. Last night I was watching it with my son. There is a scene when the young prince Ashitaka has lost his strength to the point that he can not feed himself. The wolf princess, Mononoke hime sama, rips off a piece of dried meat and chews it before passing the softer meat into Ashitaka’s mouth. Gingerly he swallows the nutrients and in doing so weeps silently. It’s a captivating, silent moment in an otherwise adventuresome tale.

After talking about this scene, my son and I concluded that it must have been the random act of kindness combined with the relief of being alive, perhaps of being deeply loved in its pure sense that pushed our young hero to weep.

How does this relate to our theme – ideas sparking action? Very simply there are times when our actions or the actions of others induce change, bypassing all thought.

…Hmm – that’s worthy of consideration as a parallel road on this thematic journey…


About Dana Carmichael

Dana has a professional interest in Authentic Intellectual Work. This means focusing on improving intellectual quality in the classroom and increasing student engagement. By day, she does this work with a passion. By night, she is a thematic reader, examining a random essential question for the year through fiction, nonfiction, film and general random conversations.
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